Humane Education





Early training is important for our children to teach them the keys to pet care and communication, so they may have safe and happy interactions with animals. Dog-Harmony has a successful bite-prevention workshop, Safe Doggy, that its volunteers will take to approximately 1,700 children and adults in 2016. Children and senior citizens will learn how to greet and play with dogs. They will also learn how to read signs and avoid aggressive, angry or distressed dogs to prevent unsafe interactions. This program is so important that Dog-Harmony offers it free of charge. There were over 700 reported incidences of dog bites in Bay County Florida over the past two years. Eighty-six percent of dog bites among children under the age of six (6) were from dogs known to the family, and more than half occurred in the home. Dog-Harmony hopes to be able to take the program in the next three years to every school in Bay, Walton and Okaloosa counties.

Check out this chart (and download!) as a baseline for learning how to greet a dog and what to avoid.

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