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Photograph of Beau, a chocolate Labrador

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Beau and the Sea Snake

Beau’s dad woke up to him gagging and trying to vomit on his dog bed early on the 4th of July. He rolled out of bed and went over to Beau, a chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy, to help, somehow. Beau stopped gagging and his tall was wagging once more. Beau then proceeded to drink water and eat breakfast after his morning yard run.

Relieved, Beau’s dad took him on their usual trot in the neighborhood. He then started packing for the 4th of July boat cruise they had planned that morning with friends. Beau was especially excited because he loves swimming and fetching various inanimate objects. He was going to swim in Choctawhatchee Bay today!

Just as the boat anchored off Okaloosa Island, Beau spotted a pretty female dog and her humans having fun on-shore. He wanted greet her with a “Woof! Woof!” Jumping off the backside of the boat with dad chasing after him, Beau half-moon-walked and half-swam towards his new girlfriend.

All the excitement must have caused his bowels to loosen up, because, just before reaching the shore, Beau stopped abruptly, crouched and expelled a very long, contiguous piece of poop in the water. The humans on the boat simultaneously exclaimed, “oh, nooooooooo!!!” as the poop took on the form of a sea snake slowly drifting towards the group on the beach. Beau had eaten a rope and pooped it out!

Beau’s dad started desperately shouting for a poop bag delivery from the boat. Fortunately, Beau’s object of affection (who was not impressed) and her responsible dad had a poop baggie on-hand. Crisis averted. Thankfully, the sea snake didn’t contaminate the waters (much) or ruin the Independence Day celebrations. Beau’s belly felt a lot better, too, even if he didn’t win over the girl.