Featured Rescue: Animal Protection Association of Missouri

Photograph of Bo, a rescue dog, at the Animal Protection Association of Missouri
Photograph of Bo, a rescue dog, with a volunteer at the Animal Protection Shelter of Missouri

Author: Animal Protective Association of Missouri | Photographer:

The Animal Protective Association of Missouri (APA) is known for being the place to find new loving homes for pets in need in Saint Louis, Missouri. The APA is dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education, and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond.

The APA was founded in 1922 by a woman named, Ella Megginson. Ella witnessed a man beating his horse outside of Webster Groves City Hall. Immediately, she demanded to know who handles matters of animal cruelty. After contemplating the right course of action, a dutiful clerk suggested, “You might take the matter to Mrs. Ella Megginson. She’s always helping the animals.” His suggestion was of little help, for she was Mrs. Ella Megginson.

From that moment, Mrs. Megginson made up her mind to stand up for the animals in need of an advocate. With a group of her friends, Mrs. Megginson bought a truck and launched what was then known as the Humane Society of Saint Louis County. Her group worked to prevent animal cruelty and eventually opened a shelter, across the street from the modern-day APA Adoption Center.

Since then, the APA has changed their names and expanded their mission to include adoption, wellness, and education!

Fast forwarding to 2021 (99 years later), the APA is a thriving adoption center and have found new loving families for over 1,600 pets so far this year, and over 900 have been dogs and puppies!

With an average length of stay at the APA Adoption Center of 4 days, the APA is able to help thousands of pets each year, and that is exactly what they do! But the APA is aware that some dogs like, 8-year-old Bo, might need a little extra care for their veterinary medicine team.

Bo was brought to the APA Adoption Center as an owner surrender, his owner originally found him as a stray and could not keep him in their home. Upon admitting the animal care staff gave Bo a full exam where they found some skin irritation/issues, he needed a dental, and a lump on his back left leg. Once the staff saw the condition of Bo’s teeth, he visited a full-service veterinary hospital and was started on antibiotics due to an elevated white blood cell count, likely an infection.

Once the infection was under control, he had his dental surgery where he had 9 teeth pulled. We are happy to report, Bo has recovered remarkably and found his new loving family the same day he became available for adoption!