Dog-Harmony Calendar Contest

June 7, 2021by Nancy Bown

Support our Calendar Contest contestants! Donate to Dog-Harmony in honor of one of the competing doggie teams here!

It’s that time again! Dog-Harmony is launching its second annual calendar contest fundraiser where supporters compete to raise the most money for the nonprofit to secure one of the 12 spots available in the coveted Dog-Harmony calendar among other prizes. There are 24 participant spaces for both Dog-Harmony alumni families and the rest of the doggie public.

Starting on June 7, dogs, and their humans, from around the country are encouraged to sign up and raise money for Dog-Harmony to continue to fund its mission of reducing shelter population in the community through humane education.

The contest ends on July 7, and to mark each week of fundraising up to that date, awards will be presented to the dog with the most funds generated each week with prizes from a Tito’s Vodka dog basket to an Amazing Lash basket and more. And finally, on July 7, the top 12 dogs will receive a slot in our annual calendar, and the dog that fundraises the most will be featured on the cover of the fall issue of Dog-Harmony Life.

Funds generated will benefit Dog-Harmony’s mission of reducing shelter populations. The nonprofit’s focus remains educational programs, like children’s bite prevention workshops and low-cost training; microchipping; spay and neuter scholarships and transport; and individualized adoption, all which create a healthier environment for humans and dogs in our community. These programs are targeted at the main reasons dogs end up in shelters, with children’s programs and animal assisted therapy playing a key part in this mission.

Have you taken a look at all the ways Dog-Harmony is dedicated to serving the community through on going programs? Learn more about what we do, and more about our current programs. Can’t decide on your favorite team but still want to donate? Visit our donation page to donate today!