Wind blew the fence gate open. The handyman walked outside and didn’t shut the door. Your dog’s a digger, can jump as high as kangaroo, it seems, or scale a cliff like a Mt. Everest climber.

Despite your best efforts, anything can happen, and your dog is suddenly missing.

One in three pets is lost sometime in their lifetime, according to the American Humane Association.

Many never make it back home.

Don’t let that happen to your dog.

One of the ways Dog-Harmony keeps dogs with their families is by offering low-cost microchipping.

The chips are the size of a grain of rice and are implanted in seconds just under the skin.

They are an extra level of protection, because collars and ID tags can fall off.

Animal shelters, veterinarians and organizations such as Dog-Harmony can scan the chips for phone numbers to reunite dogs with their owners.

Microchips can cost up to $50, but through Dog-Harmony’s program, veterinary professionals implant chips for free. Owners then register their pet with the chip company for $11. New phone numbers and can be easily updated. The chips last for 25 years.

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