Educational Library

At Dog-Harmony, we focus on humane education. Educating our community on how to be a responsible pet owner is one of our main goals. By educating people, we hope to foster more meaningful, lasting relationships between people and their pets.

Here are some humane education resources to get you started:


What’s wrong with the prong?
Recent Scientific Studies on Prong Collars
Understanding Training Equipment Options
Why You Should Say NO to Shock Collars

Dog Trainers:

APDT:How to Choose a Dog Trainer
CCPDT:How to Choose a Professional Dog Trainer or Behavior Consultant
The Humane Society of the United States: Choosing a Dog Trainer
Everything You Need to Know About Trainer Certifications

General Training & Ownership:

The Importance of Socialization
Positive vs. Traditional Training
Dog Parks: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Selecting the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle
Good (and Bad) Reasons to Get a Dog
How Therapy Animals Differ from other Support Animals

Additional Online Educational Resources Curated by Your Dog’s Friend:

Choosing your Dog:

Training and Behavior:

Understanding Your Dog:

Specific Issues: &

Exercise & Enrichment:

Children & Dogs:– tips, videos, and online training program for kids. Our featured video ( on body language is from The Family Dog. and


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