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Dog-Harmony Lifestyle is a premium content platform designed to connect new and seasoned owners with valuable resources and education. Our contributors include veterinarians, certified professional dog trainers, and certified behavior consultants. We also feature contributors from a wide variety of other professional backgrounds.

As part of Dog-Harmony's mission, we provide complimentary access to Dog-Harmony Life to adopters from our shelter partners. In our pages you’ll find numerous articles and highlights focused on factual, humane education. We are proud to be a lifestyle content platform dedicated to enriching the lives of humans and their canine companions. You’ll also find funny stories about real dog ownership and highlights of our favorite canine gear.

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Book Review: The Year of the Puppy

In her new book, The Year Of The Puppy: How Dogs Become Themselves, Alexandra Horowitz provides a new outlook on the way we consider those soft, rolly-polly, squishy-faced,… Read This Article

Can the Way a Dog Looks Determine its Behavior?

People often hear the term “pit bull” or see a pit bull-type dog and immediately have an opinion of the dog’s character. When used, the phrase “pit bull” can produce mixed reactions. Pit bulls are not a breed recognized by the Read This Article

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Pet and Parent

Halloween is right around the corner, and one of the most exciting parts of the holiday is deciding on your costume. But, this year, maybe you should also consider: What will your Read This Article

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  • Avoiding Those Ghoulish Halloween Mishaps

    Halloween is a spooktacular time for many. The most social dogs may love children and joyfully engage in goblin gatherings. No matter how social or timid your pet may appear to be, holiday precautions are always the sensible and safe thing to practice. Here are easy… Read This Article

    Festive Feasts: Holiday Meals for Your Dog

    You can prepare a holiday feast for your dog that is both safe and healthy. Cooking for your dogs can be fun. Rule of thumb is to keep it simple, use healthy ingredients and avoid processed foods. All of the following recipes are dog and people friendly, even though the flavors will be bland for… Read This Article

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    Improving Your Senior Dog’s Quality of Life With Hydrotherapy

    Do you have a senior dog who has limited mobility? Hydrotherapy for your canine companions provides a low-impact form of physical therapy for dogs that are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases or neurological issues, recovering from an injury or fighting… Read This Article

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