Bring Your Dog to Work: Proffitt PR


photograph of Jessica proffitt-bracken in a Subaru with her doodle champ

In businesses, every employee is essential to the operation. You need a team to come together and support one another in order to get the job done and serve your clientele. At Proffitt PR, that team involves one fluffy member that is the biggest support system of them all. He might not have a specific role within the company, but he is always there to calm nerves, oversee day-to-day operations, and bring a light into the office.

Of course, we’re talking about my six-year-old goldendoodle, Champ! I made sure the day Champ was born, that he was by my husband and I’s side and along for the ride no matter what we did or where we went, which of course included work! Champ, fondly known as Proffitt PR’s Barketing Assistant, has become a part of the team and looks forward to a day out just like his mama. When at the office, he is always there to greet visitors with a smile and if he is extra excited to see you, he may even bring you one of his toys. I have been bringing him into the office to work with me for as long as I can remember. He usually sits nearby my desk to make sure I am on task and so that he is never too far away for a belly-rub break. I find that bringing him into the office provides a little release from our everyday hustle. He boosts the mood in the office almost instantly and all of my employees love having him around.

photograph of doodle, champ, next to a parked Subaru Forrester

When not at the office, Champ is in the back seat cruising with me from one meeting to the next or prancing alongside at all dog-friendly events. Champ enjoys sunsets on Grayton Beach, happy hour at Wine World in Watercolor, swimming in our pool, all food (he’s not biased), and being the life of the party! We owe his good behavior and fantastic personality to Dog- Harmony. When we first got Champ at merely 10 weeks old, I took him straight to Nancy Bown, Founder of Dog-Harmony, for training and haven’t looked back since. Best word of advice I have, as an extremely proud dog mom, is to treat your dog like your kid or your best friend. This means taking them with you everywhere so they get accustomed to that lifestyle. No truer words have been spoken than when they said dogs were a man (or woman’s) best friend!

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