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grounds and hounds coffee roast labelsGrounds & Hounds Coffee Rescue Roast
GroundsAndHoundsCoffee.com | $14

Feed your need for caffeine and your love for dogs with this 100% organic Arabica bean blend. It’s a full-bodied, velvet-smooth coffee with notes of caramel and dark chocolate, and 100% of the profits generated by this blend are donated to a different rescue organization each month. Use promo code ‘DogHarmony’ at checkout to get 10% off your order.


photograph of a girl and her dog with matching collar and braceletMatching Friendship Collar & Bracelet
FriendshipCollar.com | $40

Remember when you and your friends would make friendship bracelets for each other? It’s like that but without the manual labor and with your very best friend—your dog. These come in a ton of precious styles, too.




outward hound day pack for dogsOutward Hound Day Pack for Dogs
OutwardHound.com | $40

If you do a lot of hiking or outdoor activities with your dog, this saddlebag-style pack is for you. From a water bottle and collapsible bowl to extra treats, it can fit all that you need to ensure a happy, healthy adventure with your pup.



photograph of dog licking aquapaw slow treaterAquapaw Slow Treater
Aquapaw.com | $11

This treat slow feeder will change your life if you have a dog who gets a little nervous around bath or nail clipping time. Just spread his or her favorite treat at the center and attach it to the wall, and they’ll be happily distracted throughout the whole experience.



photo of genuine Fred winer dogsGenuine Fred Winer Dogs
GenuineFred.com | $11

Although it’s not drinking alone if your dog is home, these drink markers are best for when you have human company. They’ll help you and your friends keep whose glass is whose straight, even after drinking a few.



 photo of wild one poop bags and holder  Wild One Poop Bags & Holder
WildOne.com | $8

Want to be a responsible pet owner but hate the look of poop bags? Just look at how cute these are! This poop bag holder comes in a variety of colors to help you show off you and your pup’s individual style. Best part? You can sign up for a subscription for their eco-friendly bags, and you’ll never have to worry about running out.


bissell stomp and go cleaning pad photoBissell Stomp N’ Go Pads
Amazon.com | $25

Even the most well-trained dog has the occasional accident, and having one of these handy will save your floors. The instructions are in the name. All you have to do is set the pad down, stomp on it, leave it for about 30 seconds and then remove and dispose of the pad. Plus, it neutralizes odors and can be used for just about any carpet or upholstery stains, even red wine.


fitness goal's women's tank in blackFitness Goal Women’s Tank
PuppiesMakeMeHappy.com | $34

Even if you work out without your pup around, this tank will let everyone in the gym know what you’re about—dogs. We know why you’re lifting those weights; it’s so your arms can last through your dog’s 24-7 need for pets.


FURemover BroomFURemover Broom
Amazon.com | $13

You have no idea how much of your dog’s hair is trapped in the carpet until you try this tool for the first time. It seems like a simple rubber brush, but the FURemover acts like a magnet when it comes to removing dog hair from just about any surface.



matching supper pebbles pitbull pajamas - picture of a pitbull sitting is his pajamas next to his human's legs with pajama pantsMatching Super Pibbles Pit Bull Pajamas
PittieClothing.com | $40

There is nothing cuter in this world than a sweet pibble in pajamas, and this adorable print was inspired by four puppers that helped their humans get through some really tough times. Plus, there are human PJs to match.

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