Poem: Mayhem in the Morning


photograph of three jack Russel terriers standing over shredded paper files

It’s mayhem in the morning after a three-dog night
with Midge and Tess and Katy asleep, all curled up tight.
But in the early morning, an hour after the break of dawn
there comes a shake of the ears, a wag of the tail and then a yawn.
And suddenly three furry doggies surround me on the bed
as they playfully give warm kisses telling me it’s time to be fed.

Oh, it’s mayhem in the morning and it’s breakfast feeding time.
Three eager “pups” sit side by side like partners in crime.
Then they dance around their dish and gobble up their kibble.
They eat as fast as they can, why bother to nibble.
The day is young and they want to have fun –
they’re always in the moment - wanting to seize the day.
“Hey” their tails say, “it’s time to go hike and play”.

Oh yes, it’s mayhem in the morning as they pile in the SUV
wagging tails, happy faces, panting in harmony.
They give a little nudge to the driver to “hurry up the show”.
Obviously, they think I’m driving much too slow.
When I stop to park, they all announce their arrival
by sounding like a canine spiritual revival.
Then they run, they sniff, they meet and greet and they play.
Occasionally they turn their heads and smile as if to say,
“Hey for a human non-furry creature you’re really quite okay”.

Oh, the mayhem in the morning – I wouldn’t change a thing
because these happy souls, are the yin, the yang and the zing.
At nighttime they all snuggle, cozy warm in their doggie beds
Dreaming about chasing squirrels and critters and a fox so red.
And when they awake from this dream-filled, adventurous place
they’re ready to impart unconditional love on the human race
With warm canine kisses, playful nips and a smiling face
...they show us how to love life with nonstop embrace.

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