Puparazzi: Andrew Farmer


Andrew Farmer is a realtor that recently joined Live30A Real Estate, whose tagline is “real estate with greater purpose,” in South Walton County, Florida. Andrew and his dog, Vivian, are also loyal volunteers at Dog-Harmony.

A longtime resident and real estate agent in the well-known County Highway 30A beach community, Andrew works with families, investors, and developers interested in the most coveted neighborhoods along 30A. Andrew leverages his creativity, passion for marketing, and years of experience in real estate and the vacation rental industry to go the extra mile for each of his clients.

When Andrew isn’t selling homes, he is spending time with his 10-year-old son, Hudson, and their dog, Vivian. We took the time to interview Andrew, who is speaking on behalf of Vivian, to learn about their favorite things to do together around town.

How did you find your canine family member? How would you describe her personality?

Vivian is a 5-year-old Saint Collie Bernard and a total queen. She is affectionately named Vivian after Julia Robert’s character in the movie, Pretty Woman. My friend rescued her years ago from Save Underdogs in Mary Esther, Florida. I used to go over to my friend’s house regularly and Vivian and I quickly became best friends. When I would pull up, Vivian would dart out of the house, jump in my car, and not move. So, eventually, we (she) decided it would be best to be with me!

What are your family's favorite activities to do with your dog?

We love going to the beach in South Walton, running on the trails through Grayton Beach State Park and playing Dog-opoly.

Does your dog go to work with you?

Every single day! She's the office mascot at Live30A.

Do you resemble your dog? 

I wish! I am not as pretty as she is.

Who is your dog's favorite canine friend?

Vivian’s best boyfriend is Koda, a one-year-old, brindle American Bulldog, who is available for adoption through Dog-Harmony. During their play(dates), Vivian makes sure Koda has a proper dinner and then they play a rambunctious game of tug-of-war.

What are your dog's treats and toys?

Vivian’s favorite toy is a pink monkey called “her baby.” She knows where it is at all times. Her favorite treat is a Starbucks puppuccino.

What’s the most embarrassing incident that you’ve had with your dog?

We were enjoying a nice sunset stroll on the beach and she pooped everywhere on the beach. I had no poop bags, so I had to approach a nice young group of Spring Breakers to borrow a bag... However, all they had was a Triscuits box... Despite the odds, I was able to gracefully clean up after her.

Has your dog ever gotten you a date?

She’s the best wing-woman a man could ask for.

Has your dog influenced your fashion style - clothing, car, etc.?

Do rips in my car’s leather interior count?

What's your dog's favorite accessory to wear out in public?

She owns over 100 bandanas and she puts on a new one every Monday. She knows where I keep them stashed, too. When I take one off, she goes to the drawer and she tries to force her way into a new one.

Where is your favorite place to go for yappy hour with your dog?

Our favorite place to go together is Bud and Alley’s in Seaside, Florida.

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