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LIMA Training Method:

We practice LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) principles as recommended by The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. We also believe that all pet dog trainers should follow this method. With this being said, no shock, prong or choke collars will ever be deemed acceptable methods by Dog-Harmony.

We have an extensive list of trainers that practice these methods, and outside of the trainers posted below, we’re also happy to make specialized, custom recommendations. Simply call or email us at 850-376-4190 or hello@dog-harmony.org to request a recommendation.

Nancy with Dr. Marty Becker
Nancy with Patricia Miller
Nancy with Patricia B. McConnell
Nancy with Victoria Stilwell

Complimentary Training:

Behavior is listed as one of the most common reasons dogs are rehomed, and to prevent dogs from entering shelters, Dog-Harmony does offer complimentary training in extreme cases. To request complimentary training, you must have a recommendation from a shelter/rescue or veterinarian. At the shelter or veterinarian’s request, Dog-Harmony will provide a complimentary evaluation and provide next steps, possibly including complimentary training from Founder Nancy Bown, CPDT-KA, or another approved trainer.

Therapy Dog Training:

Dog-Harmony Therapy is always looking for new teams to participate in its programs. For more information about becoming a therapy team, visit our Dog-Harmony Therapy page.

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